Eye Magazine #100 'Talking About Graphic Design'

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Imagine spending your 100th birthday in lockdown. Eye magazine, which since 1990 has brought us its beautifully published review of graphic design, hit 100 issues when the world shut down. No better time to talk then.

This issue sits down with eleven prominent designers to talk about graphic design at a moment where the discipline, balanced between a rapidly dissolving old and ill-formed new reality, wavers in a limbo we all share. Interspersed between the interviews are thirteen project snapshots, which when all combined provide a freeze-frame of a creative here and now. 

Nostalgia is swerved as Eye, always with its eye on the present, gives us a glimpse of a 'now' we will probably all never forget. 

Featured: Fraser Muggeridge / Liza Enebis / Michael Beirut / Kate Moross / Richard Turley / Jessica Walsh / Sophie Thomas / Françoise Mouly / Bobby C. Martin Jr / Elaine Ramos / Milton Glaser


A quarterly journal of graphic design which is always critical, well written and well informed, as well as beautifully published and gorgeous to look at.


Rick Poynor's recollections of the magazine's launch and the ideas and aims that defined it.

Eye Magazine #100 'Talking About Graphic Design' - Colours May Vary