Eye Eye Riso Print 1 - Mauwennah Kattah

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‘Eye Eye’ is the first series of collaborative works by Leeds-based textile design practitioner Laura Slater and London-based visual artist Mawuena Kattah. Responding to shared connections in their practices, of pattern and textiles, image making, and narrative found in family and personal iconography, the culmination of this shared practice are a series of large-scale printed textile and paper works. 

With initial research undertaken at The Whitworth Wallpaper and Textile Collection, artist’s textiles and print formats as accessible and democratic
visual art, becomes a fundamental notion. Slater and Kattah explore this through questioning the nuances between artist and designer, utilising their shared and inherent methods and tools, collaboratively approaching making, drawing and image development, dually challenging the function of the studio vs. factory.
This is one of 2 riso prints designed by Mawuenna for the project. 

Measures - A3 unframed 
Made in the UK. 
Eye Eye Riso Print 1 - Mauwennah Kattah