Extra Teeth #5

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in issue five of Extra Teeth you'll find ten fiction pieces and two non-fiction essays - all touching on the subject of language and communication. The issue asks "How do we stretch love across the language barrier? How do we connect when our points of connection are broken? And how do we create community when the foundations are so fragile?"


The twelve contributors come from a rich variety of backgrounds - care workers, trade unionists, scientists, performance artists and, aptly enough, translators - creating an engrossing and enlightening read. 


The works are threaded together through the delicate illustrative work of Edinburgh-based artists and designer Hannah Moitt.



Extra Teeth is an independent literary magazine has a special emphasis on new writing coming from Scotland, but with an international outlook.


Size: 200 x 285mm

Pages: 73

Extra Teeth #5 | Colours May Vary