Extra Teeth #4

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in issue 4 of Extra Teeth, you'll find dozens of new and engrossing short stories and essays. 

Issue 4 ponders issues such as, where does the boundary of a body, of a self, truly lie? What effects can queer scientific breakthroughs and mainstream medication have on us, on society, on the shape of spacetime itself? And can you find yourself when you're looking for someone else—or when you are someone else?

These questions and more are asked, and answered, in the twelve stories and essays that make up Extra Teeth's most physical, most sensual, most personal issue yet.



Extra Teeth is an independent literary magazine has a special emphasis on new writing coming from Scotland, but with an international outlook.



The beautiful, sensuous illustration work of Peony Gent, which flows throughout this excellent new issue.

Extra Teeth #4 | Colours May Vary