English Pastoral | James Rebanks

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 English Pastoral is a book about tradition, inheritance and change. James Rebanks grew up on a working farm set in the ancient landscape of the Lake District - a farm set in a patchwork landscape of crops and meadows, of pastures grazed with livestock, and hedgerows teeming with wildlife. By the time He inherited the farm things had most definitely changed -  people had vanished from the fields; the old stone barns had crumbled; the skies had emptied of birds and their wind-blown song. 


A familiar tale of collapse and loss is stemmed here, as one farmer began to salvage a tiny corner of England that was now his, doing his best to restore the life that had vanished and to leave a legacy for the future. 



Size: 240 x 162mm

Pages: 528

Publisher: Allen Lane


English Pastoral | James Rebanks | Colours May Vary