Earth and Moon 360° Book by Yusuke Oono

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Training as an architect surely comes in handy when it comes to designing books like this? Yusuke Oono first developed this stunning re-think of the pop-up book back in 2012, but it took 4 years of work and help from Japanese publishers Seigensha and creative platform Loftwork to create a version that we can all enjoy.

This beautiful sculptural object is made up from 30 laser cut images bound into a book, which can then be fanned out to create a narrative that can be explored across 360°. The petite panorama opens into a beautiful scene of our blue planet as seen from space, complete with rockets, satellites and our circling moon.

The re-folded book can be stored away in its purpose made outer casing - and it looks good this way too!

Size: 123 x 123 mm (outer case), 90 x 90mm (360 sculpture)

Earth and Moon 360° Book by Yusuke Oono