Dot Magazine #22 'The Insects Issue'

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Bug spotters rejoice! The new Dot magazine is full of our six-legged friends - moths, ladybirds, butterflies, grasshoppers, beetles and many more! We spot flying ones, burrowing ones, and bouncing ones - such fun! There's also a bug race game to play, insect colouring in to do and a ladybird salad to make (that's the kind a ladybird would eat, not a salad made of ladybirds!). 



Anorak Magazine's baby brother is full of happy fun things to do, brilliantly bold and playful illustrations and great stories. Preschoolers deserve a cool magazine too and Dot is it!



Lil bugs love a comfy place to stay - so Dot is here to help you make a Bug Hotel!

Dot Magazine #22 'The Insects Issue' | Colours May Vary
Dot Magazine #22 'The Insects Issue' | Colours May Vary