Dirty Furniture #5 | The Phone

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Can it really be three years since the last issue of Dirty Furniture dropped through the door? It bloody is, but the wait has been well worth it - the new issue grapples with that most omnipresent of objects, the phone. inside we find out about rap's love affair with the phone, the art of scam calls, and the love affair between sex work and telecommunications.



Dirty Furniture is a bi-annual magazine about design and people, about our relationship with our furniture. This isn't a place for furniture as mere decoration, it is an exploration of familiar objects that makes us think more deeply about their use, purpose, and history. Released as a finite set of 6, the next 3 issues will bring us the bed, closet, and telephone.



A brand new format - a glossy, pocket-sized 200 pages!

Dirty Furniture #5 | The Phone