Dirty Furniture #4 Closet

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Can it really be almost two years since the last issue of Dirty Furniture dropped through the door? It bloody is, but the wait has been well worth it - the new issue grapples with that most prosaic of objects, the closet. inside this nicely chunky 150+ page issue there are articles on tracksuits as the modern wardrobe essential, the clothes cupboard as a portal to other places and dimensions, and the closet as a cypher for our sexual skeletons. Elsewhere de-clutter guru Alice Twemlow ruminates on the latest tidy up mantras and the hacking of wire coat hangers is discussed.


Dirty Furniture is a bi-annual magazine about design and people, about our relationship with our furniture. This isn't a place for furniture as mere decoration, it is an exploration of familiar objects that makes us think more deeply about their use, purpose and history. Released as a finite set of 6, the next 3 issues will bring us the bed, closet and telephone


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Dirty Furniture #4 Closet