Devil in a Coma | Mark Lanegan

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Torn like an old Dollar bill - that was Mark Lanegan's lot, as he lie fighting for his life and sanity in a hospital bed in Ireland.


This handsomely published memoir comes hot on the heel of Lanegan's excellent (and traumatic) autobiography Sing Backwards and Weep, and recounts a recent episode in the singer's life where he was hospitalised and almost died after contracting Covid.


This is pretty dark stuff - recollections of visions, nightmares, hallucinations and doubts - all set down in brutal poetry and stark prose. The struggle for breath, the regrets, the helplessness - it's a claustrophobic read, but hard to put down. A life lived on the edge almost halted in the banalest fashion - lucky for us that Lanegan is a born survivor.


Size: 206 x 136mm

Pages: 146

Publisher: White Rabbit

Devil in a Coma | Mark Lanegan | Colours May Vary