Delayed Gratification #45

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The latest Delayed Gratification takes a look back at the months of October, November and December of last year and includes articles on the killing of the Conservative member of parliament Sir David Amess, the three-week hunger strike of Richard Ratcliffe, whose wife Nazarin Zaghari-Ratcliffe remained in jail in Iran since 2016, and the discovery of the Omicron variant in South Africa.


Elsewhere - a lowdown on who tops the world of pop, the election of Chile's youngest president, and the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope.



Tired of news soundbites, endless Tweets and a life built upon snippets? Well, Delayed Gratification is here to slow things down, take things in, and see how the news played out over the last 3 calendar months. Great, probing, intelligent journalism combined with clever and witty infographics.


Size: 195 x 240mm

Pages: 120

Delayed Gratification #45 | Colours May Vary