Delayed Gratification #40

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Issue #40 of Delayed Gratification looks back at the months of July - September of this year, which means Belarus exploding into protests after a disputed election, the blast that destroyed large areas of Beirut, and Greece and Turkey facing off in the Agean. 

Elsewhere the DG team plough the stats to find out who is the greatest sportsperson of all time, a report from the front line of humanity's battle against zoonotic diseases, and a timeline that tracks the magazine's own coverage across the last 10 years of publication - happy birthday guys!



Tired of news soundbites, endless Tweets and a life built upon snippets? Well, Delayed Gratification is here to slow things down, take things in, and see how the news played out over the last 3 calendar months. Great, probing, intelligent journalism combined with clever and witty infographics.



A 10 year birthday deserves a good cover - step up Shepard Fairey.

Delayed Gratification #40 | Colours May Vary