Delayed Gratification #33

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This issue of Delayed Gratification casts its eye back over the months of October, November & December of 2018. Inside the 'green rush' is analysed in the wake of Canada legalising cannabis, the Irish border is re-examined in light of Brexit... oversights, and the founder of the open investigation website Bellingcat is interviewed after their involvement in the Salisbury poisoning case brought new evidence to light.


Tired of news soundbites, endless Tweets and a life built upon snippets? Well, Delayed Gratification is here to slow things down, take things in, and see how the news played out over the last 3 calendar months. Great, probing, intelligent journalism combined with clever and witty infographics.


Dang, Delayed gratification has reminded us that Stan 'The Man' Lee died in November, but the excellent article, featuring the most published of his superheroes has eased our woes. Nuff said.

Delayed Gratification #33