Deco Room With Plants in New York - Satoshi Kawamoto

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'Deco Room With Plants in New York' is the second instalment of the work of interior plant artist & stylist Satoshi Kawamoto. Satoshi brings his plant arranging skills to bear in beautiful effect in these plant festooned New York interiors, which include his own house and his Green Fingers shop. There are chapters on home plant styling, working alongside brands, styling shop interiors and even dressing exhibition spaces.

We love Japanese publisher BNN and this is a great addition to their catalogue. Glorious photographs of tumbling vines, cute cacti and frondy ferns decorate every page, making the already beautiful businesses included shine. A very inspirational take on interior design and lovingly published (who doesn't love an obi strip right?).

Size: 184 x 240mm

Pages: 112

Publisher: BNN (text in Japanese)

Binding; Softcover with jacket

Deco Room With Plants in New York - Satoshi Kawamoto