DA DA DA! Fanzine #1

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One, two, Plouf you! Here is a great Punk 'n' Mix zine courtesy of Elodie G.


What is it, what is DA DA DA? Is it a paean to the German New Wave band Trio? Is it half in love with a Police's single from Zenyatta Mondatta? Does it perhaps take the avant-garde art movement of the early 20th Century... further? Maybe. Maybe not.


Okay. Different tack. If Da Da Da was a person, it would wear a neckerchief (spotty, like the one I saw Roddy Frame wearing once at Kensington Market), a Breton top, Fuzztones boots, and John Cale glasses. It would wear its hair as Eugene Kelly used to, or maybe Pete Kember - you know, Sonic Boom? If it smoked, which it knows it shouldn’t, they’d be Gitanes (Menthol? What other flavour is there?). Its cappuccino would always be frothy, its radio tuned solidly to early Dexys. 


Like buying records in the late ‘80s, you maybe should get y’self together and find out for yourself. But if you’re forcing my hand…


interviews with:

- Didier Balducci
- Pete Dale
- Shaun Alcock
- Kandy Diamond

- some kind of record reviews

- some punk silliness


Now, won’t you relax and pass me some wheat cheapies. 








DA DA DA! Fanzine #1