Cunning Folk #1 | The Re-Enchantment Issue

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Issue one of Cunning Folk takes a look at how we may re-enchant a world around us that has been shorn of its magic, divided from us, and built up around us. The stories and articles which make up this issue are about re-discovering and re-connecting and seeing the interconnected nature of things.


Here there are reflections on what magic is, the history and lore of magical herbalism, an introduction to magical creatures of the night and moon deities, and the power of re-enchantment.



Cunning Folk magazine explores - through journalism, essays, articles, and short stories - the relevance of the occult, folklore, mythology, and magic in our world today.



A beautifully assembled and published magazine that is as beautifully illustrated as it is fascinating to read.

Cunning Folk #1 | The Re-Enchantment Issue | Colours May Vary