Counterpoint Magazine #23 | Failure

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Unfinished journeys, drawing without reference, living life the wrong way up - these are just some of the subjects tackled in Counterpoint's brilliant new issue. Fear of failure is something that gnaws at nearly all of us, but as editors Sam & Bethany explain, despite its presence, learning to live with that fear night improve us.


Elsewhere - embracing failure in the art world, the highs and lows of parenthood, and urban gardening as a way of helping us cope with defeat.



Counterpoint is risograph printed using a three-colour palette. this means that not only is it beautifully bright, but each copy is slightly different from the other. It also shares the profits of sale between all contributors - and we heartily applaud that!


 Size: 196 x 277mm

Pages: 39


Counterpoint Magazine #23 | Failure | Colours May Vary