Hypebeast #25 'The Mania Issue'

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The package just keeps getting wilder. The new Hypebeast, the 'Mania' issue, comes sealed in it's own card box, decorated by Takashi Murakami, the Japanese wizard who blurs the lines between pop culture and high art. Inside Murakami appears alongside a host of other people busy doing things, being active in their field and not being distracted 'by pictures of other people's lunches'. 

So, here are American dreamers Rockstar Games, progressive gastronomer Grant Achatz, the sneaker customisations of Recouture and the subversive streetwear of Come Tees.


Hypebeast is a Hong Kong-based fashion magazine which covers a comprehensive range of styles and brands from street-wear to high end.




Hypebeast #25 'The Mania Issue'