Bumble Magazine - Issue 4.

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Did we re-discover something during the 2020 lockdown? Sitting in our gardens, walking in the park, perched by an open window - did we hear the birds' dawn chorus more clearly, notice the butterflies dancing across the meadows, hear the bees buzzing at our window boxes? For some of us, the constraints placed upon our lives during this spring have had an unexpected benefit - we drew closer to nature.

Inside issue #4 of the wonderful Bumble Magazine, you'll find nature in abundance - including hedgehog sanctuaries, British butterflies, and the shy cover star, the beautiful roe deer. Elsewhere there are foragers' recipes, American minks and grey squirrels, and magic moths. To be honest, it's a pretty wonderful place to be.

This issue ends with a cautious note - we've seen the possibility of a bleak future, can we change the way we live to avert it? The rubbish left by recent coastal revellers makes us thinks perhaps we can't, but Bumble, with its passionate insights into the beautiful wildlife of this island, always gives us hope.


Bumble is a biannual magazine that focuses on the beauty of nature whilst highlighting the wonderful wildlife we are surrounded by in the UK, especially those species that are struggling to survive.


The story of the birth of the RSPB, born from Emily Williamson's Plumage League, a small organisation made up entirely of women, who fought against the barbarity of the barbaric trade in birds feathers.

 Colours May Vary

xBumble Magazine - Issue 4 - Colours May Vary