Character Design Quarterly (CDQ) #27

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Inside the brand new CDQ you'll find interviews with character-design legend Dave Guertin (see cover), freelance character designer Jordi la Febre, and illustrator Lydia Nichols.  


Elsehwere - Esther Morales teaches us not to be afraid of new sketchbooks, Flor de Jager shows us how to reimagine a character from folklore, Guilherme Franco creates a adventurer/sidekick duo, and Ester Conceicao shows us how to use Procreate & photoshop to produce an mail delivering owl!



a self-published, independent, and ad-free magazine that brings you Interviews, tutorials, advice, and insight from the cream of illustrative and character design talent.


Size: 210 x 270mm

Pages: 104

Character Design Quarterly (CDQ) #27 | Colours May Vary