Can You Make The Band Name Bigger: The Poster Art of Luke Drozd

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Luke Drozd is a true polymath (and a gentleman). His makes music, creates performance pieces, publishes comics, builds sculpture, paints, illustrates and once ran a record label. He is excellent at all of these pursuits, but of them all, we love his poster work the best.

'Can You Make The Band Name Bigger' collects together the posters that Luke has produced over the last 15 years. Inside you'll find the bold abstract work, delicate line drawings, cartoon illustrations and pattern-based pieces that have made bands, artists and festivals the world over seek him out.

From The Breeders to Bonnie Prince Billie, The Black Keys to Bilge Pump - there's a huge range of amazing work and a ton of wonderful artists to keep everyone's eyes happy. At a time when gigs and live performances have been indefinitely curtailed, this book reminds us of the beauty of the event, of gathering with friends, of the anticipation and, of course, of wanting to get the poster.

Throw is a section on Luke's process, intros by Stewart Lee and Jay Ryan and an interview with Crispin Parry and you've got something very special indeed. It even smells great.

Size: 210 x 317mm

Pages: 214

Publisher: Threnody Press



Can You Make The Band Name Bigger: The Poster Art of Luke Drozd | Colours May Vary