C20 Magazine #3 2020 | 'My C20 Detail' Special Edition

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'The details are not the details. they are the design'. If anyone should know, it's Charles Eames, who we think would have loved this special issue of C20. 'My C20 Detail' takes a close look at architectural design, with 50 architects, designers, photographers and writers sharing their favourite architecture details with us. Drainpipes, ceilings, brackets and lettering all make the grade in this fascinating close-up.

A beautiful, compact 12 x 12cm book



C20 is the magazine of the Twentieth Century Society and features in-depth articles on architecture, design and conservation from the period.



There's so much to love about the Barbican Estate, but next time we're there we'll be checking out the ‘wet riser outlet/pressure regulating valve’ in every lift-lobby.

C20 Magazine #3 2020 | 'My C20 Detail' Special Edition | Colours May Vary