C20 Magazine #2 2022

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The new C20 arrives sporting a very 21st Century feature - 2 different cover designs! Yes, you can choose to have an image of Stevenage New Town either by day or by night (the illustrations are from 1957 and are by Kenneth Browne). Has the price gone up to compensate - of course it hasn't!


Inside the new issue you'll find articles on the transforming of the former Coventry Evening Standard building into a chic hotel, an immaculate an largely unaltered minimal architects house in Fitzrovia, the five key buildings (according to John Barr) that reflect the complex reality of Japanese modern architecture, and the seven tenets of brutalism laid out by architectural historian Elain Harwood. 



C20 is the magazine of the Twentieth Century Society and features in-depth articles on architecture, design and conservation from the period.


Size: 238 x 300mm

Pages: 80


C20 Magazine #2 2022
C20 Magazine #2 2022