Bumble Magazine - Issue 3

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Winter is upon us and the time is right spotting grey seals and their newly born offspring! Bumble celebrates this the UKs largest (and maybe cutest) carnivore in a beautiful Winter issue which brings us natural dyes, Scottish wildcats, murmurations of starlings, Cornish beavers and the 'wood wide web' of the tree world! Elsewhere we meet a photographer documenting the plastic waste in our waterways, the beauty of scrub lands is laid bare and there is an excellent article on rewilding our streets.


Bumble is a biannual magazine that focuses on the beauty of nature whilst highlighting the wonderful wildlife we are surrounded by in the UK, especially those species that are struggling to survive.


Bumble is a rare thing, a magazine which reconnects us with the world outside our window. Issue #3 is their best yet.

 Colours May Vary

Bumble Magazine - Issue 3 - Colours May Vary