Brutalist Paris Map

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This fold-out map is the latest in a new series of architectural guides produced by Derek Lamberton's Blue Crow Media imprint, and made in collaboration with the Twentieth Century Society. This two sided guide features over forty examples of brutalist architecture in France's capital, many of which are university campus buildings, administrative offices and housing. There is a nice introduction to Parisian brutalism by Robin Wilson and some great b/w photos taken by Nigel Green.

From the SNCF offices of the Gard du Nord, to the Church of Saint Andre, this is a map that will get you looking at your surroundings in a completely new way. Or... you could frame it!

The map is printed on Cyclus Offset 140 gsm, measures 420mm x 600mm (slightly larger than A2) open and folds down to 210mm x 150mm (slightly larger than A5). The map is protected by a wide printed belly band. Text in both English and French.

Brutlaist Paris Map / Carte Paris Brutaliste - Blue Crow