BranD #72

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Less a magazine, more an intriguing, ever surprising design object - the new BranD takes a look at the value of experimentation in design. By focusing on the insights designers gain through experimentation and self-exploration during the creative process, this issue explores the possibilities of commercial design in the future. 


Inside, the contents are split into chapters on playing freely, workshop design and experimenters, with creative practitioners from many different fields giving their advice and tips on how to play, experiment and create alternatives to dominant forms.


This issue is a toolkit for improvisation, each designer’s creative process is designed as a folder, together with a detachable bookmark. The vibrant cover and multi-functional jacket, designed by Chris Harnan, can be “worn” on both sides, and offers two ways to display.




BranD is an international bi-monthly magazine, focusing on Brand Design and Branding published in Hong Kong by Sendpoints.


Size: 225 x 295mm

Pages: 200


BranD #72