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Book Sniffers Club Tote

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Most of us do it. We sit down with a good book and, when the moment seems right, bring the pages up to our face and breathe innnnnn. Sure, we might wait until we are completely on our own, or have drawn the curtains before taking a sniff, but the pull is almost inescapable. 

Book Sniffers Club know this and wholly applaud the act of burying your head in a book and taking an olfactory cruise among its pages. They're no occultist cabal either, they welcome newcomers with open arms and champion those who set up their own sniffing societies.

It's time to be brave, to stand up and tell the world 'I SNIFF BOOKS!'. If shouting is too big a first step, then how about sporting this BSC tote bag? You can even put your books in it, find a quiet spot outside and do the whole thing al-fresco (we know, naughty right?).

Oh, and while you're here, why not visit to read some of the many sniff notes already left and maybe leave one of your own?


Tote measures: 380 x 410mm

Book Sniffers Club Tote