Blau International #1

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Blau International is a new and serious English language art magazine. Out to compete with the Friezes and Artforums which have dominated the sector for years, this meaty biannual gets out of the blocks very well indeed. This issue takes fashion as its focus, and blends in a multi-faceted mix of artist portraits, essays interviews and background stories. Inside there is a fascinating portrait of Bridget Riley, an essay by Julian Barnes on the palettes of iconic artists, a conversation with KAWS about his art collection and a reappraisal of the magical metaphysicist Giorgio De Chirico.


Blau International is a filter separating the essential from the unimportant, and elevates substance over hype. It's a beautiful, big, biannual beast.


We like it so much we put it in our window!

Blau International #1 - Colours May Vary