Beer Stained Pulp | Adam Kimberley

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We've followed Adam's epic Instagram account for a while now, it's another fine example of an archive that makes visible an important aspect of our social past. Yeah, beer mats are important, especially now. They are more than coasters and spillage suckers, they represent socialising, chatting over tables, stacking and flipping, evenings spent in pubs. They are reminders of great breweries, past and present and of iconic beers, ciders and ales. 


They are also brilliant examples of graphic design - often bold and eye-catching, these small ephemeral advertising objects do a lot in a small space. Utilizing aspects of typographic and illustrative design in their composition, they stick in the mind and please the eye.


Size: 193 x 145mm

Pages: 80

Publisher: Unicorn





Beer Stained Pulp | Adam Kimberley | Colours May Vary