Becoming the Forest #4

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'Becoming the Forest' is an open-ended publication produced by Una Hamilton Helle and Lotte Brown. Subtitled 'Treading the arboreal pathway through the backwoods of black metal', this is a title that looks at how the musical subculture of black metal is aesthetically and philosophically entangled with the Northern hemispheres' topography of dense spruce forests.

Issue 4 sits down with Californian black metal bands Feral Season, and Necrofier, and shamanic punk El Invunche, uncovers lost Danish lore with Rune Hjarno Rasmussen, ploughs the arboreal roots of Norwegian black metal with Helge Kaasin, explores the field of panpsychism and environmental philosophy with Hedda Hassel Mørch, and  discover the moon musick of Leeds own Hawthonn.


Size: 135 x 210mm

Pages: 126


Becoming the Forest #4 | Colours May Vary