Baseline Shift | Briar Levit (Editor)

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Subtitled 'Untold Stories of Women in Graphic Design History' Baseline Shift brings to light fifteen stories of fascinating and varied women whose work has helped shape, shift, and form graphic design as we know it today.


From women printers in colonial America to Louise E. Jefferson-an interdisciplinary designer and calligrapher starting out in the 1930s Harlem Renaissance-to the unacknowledged drafters of Monotype's Type Drawing Office to the revolutionary propagandists of the Madame Binh Graphics Collective in the 1970s and '80s, Baseline Shift introduces auteurs, advocates for social justice, and creators across the spectrum of the graphic design discipline.


The illuminating essays in this collection are essential reading for designers and fans of design, as well as anyone with an interest in history's unsung heroines.


Size: 142 x 204mm

Pages: 191

Baseline Shift | Martha Scotford | Colours May Vary