Baseline Magazine #63

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At the end of this issue's editorial, editor Hans-Dieter Reichert makes a subtle nod to the 43 months that have passed since issue 62 hit the shelves by thanking us for our patience. Dieter, if each coming issue is as good as this one, we will continue to wait knowing we won't be disappointed. This beautifully produced issue features an appraisal of the work of modernist graphic designer Peter Wildbur, a look at the maximalist, extrovert lettering found in the great outdoors and meets with one of the most significant type designers of our time, George Salden. With meaningful book reviews, changes in paper stock and the removable jacket (Wireframe by David John Lewis / Hans-Dieter Reichert), this magazine is one to log under essential.


Initially published by Letraset, Baseline continues to be an authority on type and typography almost 40 years after it's birth. As good to feel and sniff as it is to read - which is very good indeed.


The article on Peter Wildbur shed light on a designer whose name should really be up there in lights with the icons. Beautifully laid out, with great thought given over to the illustrations. It is the seven pages of his stamp design that wooed us though - beautiful mini masterpieces.

Baseline Magazine Issue 63