Avaunt Magazine #9

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Escape the ordinary (please!) with the latest Avaunt Magazine. This big, beautiful issue brings us articles on breaking the land speed record, the history of an absinthe distillery in the Pyrénées-Orientales, a chat with master of the macabre Mark Gatiss, and the future of Chinese space travel! Elsewhere there you'll find women's football in the Middle East, the nomads of the Wakhan Valley and the pioneers of environmentally friendly shipping.


Avaunt is an escape from the mundane, a trip into the unknown. Big, beautifully published and full of stunning stories and beautiful photography, this is a magazine that really will take you places.


At 200+ pages and full of exquisite photography, Avaunt is perfect for a little down time. 

Avaunt Magazine #9 - Colours May Vary