Apartamento Magazine #25

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The new Apartamento features: Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, Andy Coolquitt, Simone Fattal & Etel Adnan, Thaddeus Mosley, Amèlia Riera, Nick Cave & Bob Faust, Gary Card, Gabrio Bini, Lena Platonos, Lucas Cantú & Carlos H Matos, Sam Chermayeff, Rirkrit Tiravanija, and Michael Snow.


Apartamento is the 'an everyday life interiors magazine' which focuses its attention on the lives of extraordinary people who live inside wonderful and fascinating dwellings. It has been titled the world's hippest interiors magazine, but to us, it is a beautifully written title which always brings us something new.


‘No System’, a portfolio on ‘90s rave culture by Vinca Petersen

Apartamento Magazine #25 - Colours May Vary