Another Escape #9

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We feel a bond with Another Escape. We’ve stocked this excellent outdoor living and creative lifestyle magazine since issue 1, not long after we opened, and have never missed a copy. The gestation period of issue 9 has been a long one but wait until you see the new redesign and you’ll realise it was time well spent and a delay worth bearing.

The new issue takes on the wilderness, our perception of it and our relationship with it. So we meet digital nomads, off-grid cabin dwellers, arboreal printmakers, mule packers and surf activists. We get to travel the Romanian wilds, spot the European bison and ruminate on what the idea of wilderness means and what it takes to make something truly wild. Does all the read beautifully and look astonishing - of course it does.


An inspiring look at those people who passionately follow their creative path. Another Escape considers itself an ‘outdoor lifestyle and creative culture publication’, and the description fits perfectly. Amid these beautiful pages, you’ll find inspiration, exploration and innovation.


That cover. That we have it back in stock. Those stories. It’s all terrific.

Another Escape Magazine Issue 9