Another Escape #13 'The Belonging Volume'

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The new issue of Another Escape is all about belonging – whether that be rekindling our innate connection to the earth, feeling at ease and at home outdoors, questioning the concept of land ownership during times of ecological crisis or listening to the youth who are standing up for our planet. Elsewhere inside there are seed preservers, axe makers, immersive nature workshops, and garden sharing initiatives to be found.




An inspiring look at those people who passionately follow their creative path. Another Escape considers itself an ‘outdoor lifestyle and creative culture publication’, and the description fits perfectly. Amid these beautiful pages, you’ll find inspiration, exploration and innovation.




The section on Sweden, which shines a light on the Swedes affinity with their natural surroundings and their respect for the land.



Another Escape #13 'The Belonging Volume' - Colours May Vary