Anorak Vol.57 | The Fruit & Veg Issue

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The Anorak Rainbow Market is open for business! Yep, this means you're leaving with a bag full of goodness - lychees, oranges, carrots, plums, cucumbers... this market is crammed with healthy, tasty stuff! look around and you'll find an escaping pineapple, a party-seeking avocado, and instructions to make your very own cress monster!



Anorak is the happy mag for kids (big and small) and has been keeping us laughing and busy for almost 10 years. Full of great illustrations, games, puzzles, jokes, and FUN, this is one magazine that we’d never be without.



A ton of fruit 'n' veg-based activities and games to keep you busy in the summer rain!

Anorak Vol.57 | The Fruit & Veg Issue | Colours May Vary