Anorak Magazine #64 | The Octopus Issue

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the new issue of Anorak gets down deep with Octopuses! These eight-armed brainiacs of the sea (they have more brains than they have arms!) are endlessly fascinating - and inside you'll find out about their origins, their family members, and their incredible biology. Elsewhere you'll find octopus-themed puzzles and activities, octopus jokes, and even a make-your-own octopus!



Anorak is the happy mag for kids (big and small) and has been keeping us laughing and busy for almost 10 years. Full of great illustrations, games, puzzles, jokes, and FUN, this is one magazine that we’d never be without.


Size: 210 x 259mm



Anorak Magazine #64 | The Octopus Issue | Colours May Vary