Animals by Kuniyoshi: Ukiyo-e Paper Book

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A long time ago during Tokyo's 'Edo' period, fashion and lifestyle magazines as they are known today came in the form of “Ukiyo-e” (“pictures of the floating world”).

These individual woodblock prints were sold in much the same way as we sell magazines or prints here in the shop.

This books is stuffed full of humorous and satirical animals (Sparrows, foxes, whales, goldfishes, octopus and many other animal depicted humorously and satirically alongside human subjects) by the Ukiyo-e master, Utagawa Kuniyoshi. (1797-1861). There are 60 reproductions that can be removed from the book so you can appreciate them in the same way as they would have been all that time ago. On the back of each page there are wonderfully illustrated creative ideas too!

Size: 26 x 18.5cm

Pages: 60 (plates)

Publisher: Pie

Binding: Softcover


Amimals by Kuniyoshi - PIE Books
Animals by Kuniyoshi: Ukiyo-e Paper Book
Animals by Kuniyoshi: Ukiyo-e Paper Book