An Indifference of Birds | Richard Smyth

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A beautifully written book about birds and people, and about our place in their history. It's deftly written, compelling, and achieves perhaps what it intends to - it makes us think about non-human nature in a new way.


Here's a snippet, for me,  that captures the book's soul.

"What is a city? Forget what we made it for. What is it now? In one place it's a sea of cliff-faces, row on row, stark and weirdly lit but high and hard and safe, pocked with inviting recesses. It's sometimes said that city buildings mimic cliffs. That's not right they are cliffs, as far as birds are concerned."


It's a beautiful read - and, not that it should make any difference, the author, Richard Smyth lives in Shipley, West Yorkshire.



Size: 233 x 142mm

Pages: 112

Publisher: Uniformbooks



An Indifference of Birds | Richard Smyth | Colours May Vary