Ambrosia #4 Mexico City

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The new issue of Ambrosia ties in with its sister publication Drift in shedding a light on the gastronomy of Mexico City. As with all issues of this beautiful bi-annual, the information and recipes inside come from the chefs making the city a gastronomic tour-de-force - from the best street vendors, to the established restaurateurs. The chefs interviewed in this include:  Enrique Olvera (Pujol); Elena Reygadas (Rosetta); Jorge Vallejo (Quintonil); Gabriela Cámara; (Contramar); Edgar Nuñez (Sud 777); Eduardo García (Máximo Bistrot, Lalo) and Pablo Salas (Amaranta). With recipes, stunning photography and wonderful illustration, the new Ambrosia introduces a vibrant, exciting and distinctly foodie Mexico City.


A beautiful gastronomic bi-annual which brings us interviews with amazing chefs, their step-by-step recipes, essays and photography which will have your mouth watering.


The brightly painted gondola-like boats of Xochimilco!

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