Adbusters #162 | The Woobbly issue

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Adbusters brings us the politics of love and hate, in another polarised issue balanced on the brink of end times. Within the LOVE pages - revelation, epiphany and the currency of mind exploration, culture jamming 2.0, and action as an antidote to despair. Inside the pages of HATE we find US military propaganda, hermetically sealed information bubbles of untruth, and the mental breakdown of the whole human race.

Don't despair - read the 'The People's Ten Commandments to World Leaders' and feel power return to your bodies.



Adbusters magazine is the not-for-profit journal of the mental environment, which, for over 30 years, has been '

smashing ads, fighting corruption and speaking truth to power.



Size: 215 x 275mm




Adbusters #162 | The Woobbly issue