A Treasury of Folklore – Seas and Rivers | Dee Dee Chainey & Willow Winsham

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Here there be monsters.


This handsome hardback, sub-titled 'Sirens, Selkies and Ghost Ships', contains a compelling collection of aquatic and maritime superstitions and legends from across the world.


Here you'll find shape-shifting pink dolphins, vengeful drowned sailors, the fabled Fountain of Youth, and much, much more watery weirdness besides.


Fearless leaders behind the #folklorethursday Twitter hashtag day, Dee Dee Chainey and Willow Winsham know their folk onions (which are probably poisonous and to be buried in a garden) and have compiled a stunning volume of stories to thrill and chill.


Beautiful woodcut illustrations by Joe McLaren


Size: 200 x 145mm (hardback)

Pages: 192

Publisher: Batsford

A Treasury of Folklore – Seas and Rivers: Sirens, Selkies and Ghost Ships | Colours May Vary