A Scene In Between | Sam Knee (Revised Ed)

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Dive into Yesterday indeed. The new, revised edition of Sam Knee's brilliant 'A Scene In Between' has arrived, and now boasts a re-jigged and freshly picked assortment of images among the pages.


If this is your first introduction to this wonderful archive, then what awaits is a photographic trawl through the sartorial treasures of the indie guitar scene of the 1980s. Bowl cuts, paisley shirts winkle pickers, Breton tops and drainpipes - you know, what we're seeing again - but the prototype (cribbed itself off the Velvets, Left Banke, Stooges etc.). The bands - the cream of a small but beautiful scene: Tallulah Gosh, McCarthy, Television Personalities, The Sea Urchins, The Weather Prophets, Primal Scream and Spacemen 3. In amongst it all, behind the fringes and bangs - unknown mods, shy scenesters and future faces gather. 


Elsewhere interviews, with Johnny Marr, Deb Googe and the enigmatic Laurence.


Tripping through the fashions of UK indie music... it has an allure that's hard not to fall for.


Size: 177 x 218mm

Pages: 192

Publisher: Cicada

A Scene In Between | Sam Knee (Revised Ed)