A Rabbit's Foot #5 | The Journey

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Issue 5 of A Rabbit's Foot, has the theme of 'The Journey' at its centre. In this instance, it is the artistic journey, both interior and exterior, which are shot through the profiles and stories highlighted inside.


Inside - Alfonso Cuarón opens up about the secrets behind his filmmaking process, Peter Weir talks about his 1982 political romance, The Year of Living Dangerously, Alicia Vikander talks about her origins in dance, and Wim Wenders discusses his beginnings, and how they would inform his prolific career as a filmmaker.


Elsewhere A Rabbit's Foot  chats with Celine Song, Emma Seligman, and Davy Chou; Molly Manning spends time with Babe City FC, and Paul Schrader talks about casting decisions in his icon Taxi Driver.



From the mind of producer, writer, and filmmaker Charles Finch, A Rabbit's Foot is a bookazine that takes a more cerebral approach in your interest in cinema and the arts.


Size: 180 x 255mm

Pages: 276

A Rabbit's Foot #5 | The Journey | Colours May Vary