A New Way to Bake | Philip Khoury

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Subtitled 'Re-Imagined Recipes for Plant-Based Cakes, Bakes and Desserts', Philip Khoury's new baking bible is an absolute godsend for people who want their plant-based pastries and dairy-free desserts to match up to their traditionally made counterparts.


Khoury, an award-winning patissier and chocolatier, is on a mission to make desserts plant-based and, in doing so, better for planet, people and animals alike - and this book is a huge step in the right direction.


A New Way to Bake combines all that Philip has learned over the course of his stellar career, showcasing how to create re-imagined cakes, bakes and desserts. Beginning with the heart of any plant-based kitchen, the 'plantry', A New Way to Bake unpacks the history and use of key and special ingredients before launching into a host of incredible recipes. From Chocolate Chip Cookies and Lamingtons, to Pecan Pie and Carrot Cake, as well as Crème Caramel and Chocolate Truffles, there are plant-based sweet treats for any occasion.


As well as clear instructions guiding you through the recipes, QR codes link to helpful videos to ensure baking success. A New Way to Bake is a comprehensive masterclass that arms you with a fresh outlook and tools to bake a better future.


Size: 170 x 240mm

Pages: 256

Publisher: Hardie Grant

A New Way to Bake: Re-Imagined Recipes for Plant-Based Cakes, Bakes and Desserts | Philip Khoury | Colours May Vary