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Typodarium 2020 Desk Calendar

Regular price £18.00

 Imagine waking up each day to a new font, well now with the 2020 Typodarium you can! In this beautifully designed tear-off calendar you’ll find 365 examples of refreshing young fonts rubbing shoulders across the days and months of the year. The cover image of each tear-off sheet displays a prominent example of the font in question and to the rear are the details of its background. 

The Typodarium 2020 shows the latest font trends, the “weirdest” display types, the latest bread fonts and other proofs of the vital type community as well as a bi-script font family every Sunday. 

Packed in a solid type specimen collecting box


Size: 8.5 × 12 cm

384 pages in 12 colours

Typodarium 2020 Desk Calendar
Typodarium 2020 Desk Calendar
Typodarium 2020 Desk Calendar