Other Ways To Walk - In Formal Parks

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Other Ways To Walk presents us with 16 illustrated cards, each containing instructions which will help change the way you interact with your surroundings and nature. The cards inspire and encourage the user to be more playful, thoughtful and immersed in the outside world. You might end up standing still and breathing in, or maybe carrying something on the journey with you. Sometimes you will draw a map, or record temperature changes. These exercises and instructions can be carried out in groups, or while out walking alone, you may even want to read them quietly in your armchair.

The creator of these cards is Rachel Howfield Massey, who works as an artist and wellbeing expert in Yorkshire. Presented in a screen-printed plastic slipcase, these cards are hand-illustrated on one face and have the instructions, set in a visual poetry style, on the other.

A perfect companion to seeing your world afresh. This pack is for walking in formal parks.

Other Ways To Walk - In Formal Parks - Colours May Vary
Other Ways To Walk - In Formal Parks - Colours May Vary