Varoom #39 'Nostalgia'

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The new Varoom tackles the tricky subject of nostalgia, a term that embraces notions of comfort, familiarity and the conservative impulse to retreat, but can also provide a jumping off point to innovation. Inside the hauntological horrors or Scarfolk are revealed, Serena Katt's graphic novel 'Sunday's Child' looks back to her grandfathers youth in Nazi education, Aisha Ayoade talks about preserving memory in mixed media for her recent exhibition and Sennep Games’ Matt Rice talks about the making of their crazy golf fantasy world, Alphaputt.


Varoom is the magazine of the AOI and covers contemporary illustrated image in depth, featuring interviews with illustrators, image-makers and designers as well as featuring critical articles on different aspects of contemporary illustration by leading commentators.


With a new redesign from Fraser Muggeridge Studio - the new Varoom is looking back, while marching forward.

Varoom #39 'Nostalgia'