Typeone Magazine #05

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Independent graphic design resource The Brand Identity are guest editors on the new issue of Typeone - an issue that looks at the connections between branding and typography. 


Inside you'll find articles looking at how to design across cultures (and the 7000 languages spoken among them), the place type has in branding the metaverse and the new world of NFTs, and how 2000UPM has set the standard for creative and type design education. Elsewhere there are interviews with Luke Prowse of exploratory and service-driven type design practice NAN, and Alice Sherwin and Harry Bennett of the London-based Studio Ground Floor.


You want more? How about opinion pieces on custom typefaces in branding, insight into the highs and lows of actually releasing a commercial typeface and a meet up with LA-based indie creative studio Forth + Back.



As editor Amber Weaver says in the first editorial - this is a historical artefact of our design culture, not just a magazine.


Size: 220 x 297mm

Pages: 133 


Typeone Magazine #05 | Colours May Vary